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In his early 20s whilst studying in Cape Town, Ryan Slater started selling 10kg bags of anthracite from his family’s anthracite mine. SLATER Mining & Energy has since grown to selling shiploads of anthracite, whole mines as well as independent power projects. With a rich family history in mining and strong industry connections, the company provides well-informed consulting services for various mining operations, including due diligence, processing, marketing, logistics, mining, and technology solutions.

SLATER M&E is proud to announce a new partnership, conducting freelance due diligence services for AFRIMAT LIMITED, a top African mining company on the JSE with a market cap of R10 billion.

SLATER M&E has an established client base of blue-chip metallurgical companies and is a leading bulk supplier of anthracite to retailers across South Africa. Expanding its scope, the company recently started copper cathode supply out of Durban, gold processing/selling capabilities as well as green energy power projects to promote environmental sustainability & economic growth.

On a mission to help humanity, the economy & environment to thrive.

 Anthracite, Copper & Gold

For buyers looking for ANTHRACITE in bulk (minimum 35 tons), which is SLATER M&E’S speciality, we can offer material delivered anywhere in South Africa or FOB your vessel ex Durban port. We supply into the cement market, the brick market, the metallurgical market and the domestic heating market. We have relationships with dozens of mines that have varying specifications. Let us know your specification requirement (minimums & maximums so that we can get the product perfect for you). 

For end-users of ethically-sourced COPPER CATHODE 99.99% quality, we can supply FOB Durban and also have a bridging financier solution to offer CIF transactions, through a SBLC payment instrument.

We also have affiliations with cash buyers of gold. Our buyer refinery is not BRINKS registered and we will not be able to provide any banking instruments.  Our gold division also offers world-class gold mining & processing plant/equipment, as well as staffing solutions.





SLATER M&E has a track record of selling Dense Medium Separation (‘DMS’) washing plants. SLATER M&E has strong relationships with suppliers who can build brand new DMS washing plants or refurbish existing DMS washing plants.

SLATER M&E is also able to offer the following solutions due to its industry contacts:


Diesel solutions, where we supply a 32 000 litre bowser (included in your per litre diesel price)


Jig Plants OR Dense Medium Separation (DMS) Wash Plants, for which a water-use license is necessary


Crushing and/or Screening Plants


Weigh bridge solutions on a rent-to-own basis


Bagging Operations (10kg, 20kg, 40kg or 1 ton)


Yellow Machines for material handling or dust suppression


Management, Measurement & Staff Solutions


The commodity trade is one part mining and one part moving of those commodities to market. Stockpiles on mines need to be moved to where transactions can be consummated, and logistics costs are affected by a myriad of factors, from politics to pandemics.

SLATER M&E currently trucks, rails, and ships in both bulk and containers, having shipped cargo both locally and internationally. It has allocation at rail sidings and port sidings. Our primary shipping port is Durban, South Africa, but we can assist with other ports in South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia.

The ability to sell is the number one skill in business

– Robert T. Kiyosaki


Starting with the end in mind is the philosophy of SLATER M&E. Whether it is selling a specification, solution or resource, understanding the needs of the market is front and centre. A mine should not begin without first standing on the foundation of informed market research and strategy. Strong demand gives a mine both feasibility and sustainability.

Demand is sometimes only a contact away. Assuming the specification is acceptable and the mining costs are reasonable, SLATER M&E can find the right buyer for the specification that you need to sell. Are you a mine or project operating in a silo? Do you need a world of buyers to open to you?

SLATER M&E has hard-earned experience in trucking, railing, and shipping in both bulk and containers. We move cargoes both locally and internationally and are able to also bag and palletize product for you. It has allocation at rail sidings and port sidings. Our primary shipping port is Durban, South Africa, but we can assist with other ports in South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia.



The Slater family started opencast and underground mining in 1980 in Northern KZN, South Africa. Due to this mining heritage, SLATER M&E has strong relationships with several open-cast and underground mining companies that can bring a full-caliber mining solution to the table.

Through many years on various mining projects, SLATER M&E has built up a dream team of drilling, geotechnical & geologist specialists specific to several commodities. Choosing the right team for the prospecting of your project is foundational to any given project’s success. We can make the right referral for you.

SLATER M&E also enjoys niche specialities in the low-seam underground mining space and is currently involved in a project where the seam is only 800m thick. This project, however, contains some of the best available metallurgical low-phosphorous anthracite in Africa. 


Although specialising in anthracite, copper and gold, SLATER M&E is also assisting associates in consulting on projects in other commodities. Having travelled through the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia and Zimbabwe, SLATER M&E is versed in both the opportunities and risks faced by organizations in these districts.

SLATER M&E has regular contact with the Financial Director of a London Stock Exchange mining entity involved with the raising of finance, both privately and publicly, in the City of London, for mineral and metal mines in Africa.

SLATER M&E is assisting several mines with DMS projects, jig projects, processing projects and anthracite mine and graphite mine sales. SLATER M&E consults several commodity companies in their due diligence processes. Due to the vast network of suppliers, clients and funders that SLATER M&E has in the mining industry, it is called upon for various strategic mining projects in Southern Africa.

SLATER M&E has a passion for Africa and carries knowledge and experience in the mining, beneficiation and marketing of its mineral resources.


SLATER M&E was approached by a leading UK-based mining-tech company, who believed SLATER M&E was the right partner for helping distribute mining tech into South Africa.

Mining Technology is always evolving and can often be overwhelming at times.  SLATER M&E’s UK partner offers the best technologies available, all under one roof. This tech isn’t technology for technology’s sake. Rather, it yields – amongst other things – very impressive cost savings. There are over one hundred tech solutions but the most notable is in the space of diesel-saving devices. These specific solutions have already shown impressive results with pilot tests run on various mines with several mining majors. One major mining house is saving millions of Rands per month due to this technology. SLATER M&E is assisting mines in Africa to establish best practise and get up to speed as world-class, savvy mining outfits.

Green Projects 

The world has witnessed the boom, bust and resurgence of the fossil fuel industry. While legitimate environmentalism should be supported, SLATER M&E recognize the fact that human thriving is only achievable through access to dependable energy for individuals and industry. Intensive energy users such as steel makers require massive amounts of energy, and their products are vital for economic development and human well-being.

SLATER M&E has been involved in the development of several environmentally friendly energy projects related to energy, namely:

Pyrolysis technology

380 million tons of plastic are produced every year. Only 10% of plastic is recycled. Waste, including industrial scrap, has traditionally been heaped onto landfills worldwide. Tragically, many fires have broken out in waste locations, causing the release of toxic chemicals into the air.  Added to this, the leaching of chemicals into the ground and rivers is an environmental tragedy.  Pyrolysis plants make use of high heat and high pressure. These plants are fed with specific waste products and the technology processes, de-carbonizes and extracts value by creating by-products for resale as industrial and agricultural materials.  The technology also catches and contains any waste gasses produced in the pyrolysis process. The entire process is CARBON-NEGATIVE and is gaining huge attention world-wide as a result. These pyrolysis plants also create their own surplus energy and can therefore operate off the grid and supplement partnering industries with their electricity requirements.  Do you have large amounts of waste that you want to extract value from? If so, please email us on info@slaterminingenergy.com

Cutting-edge Green Power Solutions with 100% availability

SLATER M&E has received mandates to sell cutting-edge green energy that solves the base load problem, without the need for expensive battery storage.  SLATER M&E has 24/7/365 green-energy availability solutions available, with 100% funding backing.  We also have bespoke small-scale nuclear solutions. We are actively seeking private and industrial users able to sign a Power Purchase Agreement for 3.6MW per installation or more.  Our rates will beat the Eskom rate that electricity users are currently paying.  Contact us for more information on info@slaterminingenergy.com

With a rich family history in mining and strong industry connections, the company provides well-informed consulting services for various mining operations, including due diligence, processing, marketing, logistics, mining, and technology solutions.

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